Optimize revenue for high-margin service lines

When it comes to service lines, they’re not all created equal. Especially when comparing margins. Elective procedures for service lines like bariatrics and orthopedics tend to contribute more to revenue. This means marketing leaders are always looking for new ways to increase volume for these high-profit centers.

But what if you knew that up to 80% of healthcare leads never convert? That data is exactly what Care Sherpa, a marketing concierge service company, uncovered when evaluating more than 250,000 interactions for high-margin service lines. So, how do you stop the leaks?

In this white paper, WG Content and Care Sherpa walk you through the sales pipeline and help you optimize revenue using data and content strategy.

You’ll receive guidance on how to:

  • Map a service line’s patient journey to an accurate, data-driven marketing funnel.
  • Identify and stop leakage by applying marketing and sales funnel fundamentals.
  • Use deep analytics and tracking to understand needs and emotions.
  • Develop an optimized strategy for delivering valuable, personalized content in the exact right way at the exact right time.