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In the dynamic landscape of healthcare and healthcare marketing, a brand refresh is more than just a cosmetic makeover. It’s a strategic evolution that can redefine your company’s identity and growth opportunities. 

Even if it’s crystal clear to your marketing team, a healthcare brand refresh can sometimes be hard for your stakeholders to understand or accept. Making a compelling video about your company’s rebranding strategy can help.

In today’s digital age, video is an impactful way to tell your brand story. It’s also a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness and engagement. People like watching videos — so much so that they watched an average of 17 hours a week in 2023. What’s more, 91% want to see more online videos from brands. As the Digital Marketing Institute says, videos are easy to digest, entertaining and engaging.

Emotional connection

Videos make it easier for people to connect with your brand. Music, facial expressions, movement, color and voiceovers all tap into human emotions and make a lasting impression. A well-crafted video can raise empathy and foster loyalty and brand affinity.

Visual impact

Unlike static images or text alone, video allows for dynamic storytelling, using motion, animation and special effects to convey ideas. By showing your new brand identity in action — from logo animations to brand applications across varied touchpoints — you can artfully announce the visual essence of your rebrand.

Engagement and sharing

In an era of shareable social media and viral brand marketing, video is the way to engage. In fact, 51% of people are more likely to share a video with friends than any other type of content. This shareability means a well-scripted and produced video can raise the visibility of your new branding and may spark chats on social media sites like YouTube, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Brand consistency

A video brings various parts of the brand refresh together in one place. From the logo and color palette to typography and taglines, each visual and auditory element of the video supports the evolution of your new brand identity, creating a seamless brand experience.

Before you start crafting a video script, knowing your audience is vital. Will you use the video to excite your employees or notify the public?

Once you have the audience nailed down, focus on communicating the point and impact of the changes.

1. Acknowledge your history

Start the video by briefly showing the old brand elements, such as the logo, typeface and a few marketing materials. This recap sets the stage for the change you’re about to reveal.

2. Unveil the new brand identity

Introduce your new logo, typeface, colors and other visual elements. Highlight how you’ve redesigned these elements to better represent your company’s values, mission and vision. Music and imagery help build excitement as you share the new look. 

Show how you’ll apply the new branding across various touchpoints, such as marketing materials, digital platforms, signage and employee uniforms. These visuals illustrate the consistency of the brand identity.

3. Explain the changes

Your associates, patients, providers and other stakeholders will appreciate your transparency. Share the reasons behind the rebranding, such as expanding into a new market, offering new services or wanting to reflect a new organizational direction. This type of explainer video helps viewers understand the purpose and reason behind the changes.

4. Weave in any new brand personality, slogans or taglines 

Use voiceover or on-screen text to introduce any updated mission and vision statements, brand personality or slogan. Sharing these elements will help bring the brand refresh to life and engage your audience in your new direction.

5. Include a call to action

Encourage viewers to engage with the new brand by inviting them to visit your company’s website, follow you on social media or participate in brand-related events or promotions. These invitations prompt immediate action and foster ongoing brand interaction.

By including these key elements in your rebranding video, you can strengthen brand recall and perception, building trust and credibility in the process.

If you have a rebrand in your future, WG Content can help capture your story in a video script. Let’s get started. Contact us today at WG Content.

Telling the story of your brand refresh through video has many benefits, from forging emotional connections and driving engagement to reinforcing brand consistency and awareness. It’s an efficient way to reveal the essence of your brand while reaching a targeted audience and maintaining consistent messaging. Plus, people love watching videos.

Video can help you create an emotional connection and visual impact around your brand refresh. A video also sparks engagement, shares easily and helps ensure brand consistency.

When crafting a script and storyboard for a brand refresh video, give a nod to your history, unveil the new branding and explain why you’re changing your brand. Introduce your new mission or brand personality, then include a call to action to keep people engaged.

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