Woman sitting on couch evaluating content on a laptop Woman sitting on couch evaluating content on a laptop

Pricing and packages

WG Content can expand your organization’s skill set and capacity without adding costly full-time hires. It’s a pricing approach that lets you tailor solutions: custom content for a custom experience.

Pricing that’s custom — never cookie-cutter

Meet your operational and budgetary needs with our flexible pricing packages. At the same time, rely on us to deliver content strategy and creation that make you shine. Work with us at the best pricing for you. Because no matter your price point, you can expect us to:

  • Listen to you and understand your marketing challenges 
  • Offer competitive pricing that never sacrifices quality  
  • Give you added capacity to take on multiple projects at once 
  • Build your confidence in what you’re getting for your money 

Pricing your projects: you have options

Each project budget varies based on complexity and scope. These budgets typically include all steps from start to finish, such as (but not limited to):

  • Research and strategy
  • Planning
  • SME interviews
  • Writing and editing
  • Content optimization
  • Revisions
  • Project management

We’ll work with you to decide on the final project budget based on a defined scope of deliverables. Typical project pricing options include per-project scope and retainer.

Per-project scope

When you have clear parameters, deliverables and scope for a project, WG Content can create a project-specific statement of work for you. The SOW reflects what we all agree to about deliverables, timelines and costs for each project. You’ll find that in all ways, you’ll have the complete package.


When you have a large volume of ongoing needs, purchasing a retainer upfront gives you the flexibility to adjust a project’s scope as it evolves. It’s this agility in setting priorities that allows us to operate strategically without losing quality. You can easily tap into many different services and we can plan resources ahead of time based on your timelines.

Meet our team — and consider them yours

“Our day-to-day contact is organized and responsive. Very easy to work with and helps make my job easier. Work is on-brand in tone and voice. Delivered timely.

Lisa Lagarde

Director of Digital Experience, LCMC Health