Content audit and gap analysis

Content audit, gap analysis help you see the forest for the trees

Once upon a time, your website was well organized. Information was easy to find. Navigation made sense. Governance strategies ruled.

But today, things look different. Perhaps visitors trip over outdated information. Redundant pages compete with each other for Google rankings. And search traffic for priority service lines is moving in the wrong direction.

It’s time to discover which content engages readers and helps you meet your goals. Let WG Content show you how to optimize your site with a content audit and gap analysis.

Double dip, or just choose one

A content audit and gap analysis can go hand in hand. Or you can just choose one. Either way, our team customizes these services to meet your needs with a just-right approach that delivers actionable, valuable recommendations. 

A content audit analyzes the overall quality of your content. We consider these and other key performance indicators:

  • Content quality 
  • Content strategy  
  • Health website content best practices 
  • Link strategy  
  • Search engine optimization 
  • User experience 

A gap analysis can answer questions about competition, performance and searchability.

  • Competition: How does your site compare to competitor sites in terms of content quality? How can you improve your site to win visitors over?
  • Performance: Where are the gaps between how your content is performing and how you want it to perform? Where can you improve your content?
  • Searchability: Where are your site’s SEO gaps? What keywords are you lacking? Can you add plain language strategies and improve the way your site is organized?

Optimize your web content with customized content strategy services

Some B2B and B2C clients need additional strategic support. We offer a full range of content strategy services, including content planning, website strategy and user experience, and competitive analysis.

Writers and designers fill the gaps, boost your content

WG Content writers craft relevant, search-friendly healthcare content that speaks to your specific audience. Our project managers can also connect you to designers to provide custom graphics, animation and video that enhance your site visually.

Partner with us for a content audit and gap analysis

WG Content's approach to content audit and gap analysis.
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Working with WG Content on this project was seamless — the team knew what we needed and produced it fast. WG Content knows the healthcare space like no one else, and these results show that.

Janelle McCarty

Helium SEO market leader

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Content strategy improves web presence, user experience (UX) for St. Elizabeth Healthcare