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Creating on-target thought leadership materials begins with understanding your audience. We’re not communicating with the general public here — we’re writing for physicians, researchers, high-level executives and company leaders. People with limited time who are inundated with marketing messages on the daily.

Our writers have the knowledge, experience and creative flair to break through the clutter barrier. And they’re undaunted by the intense competition to capture your audience’s attention.

  • We do the research. Our writers confidently interview subject matter experts and rely on trusted websites to learn more about the topic at hand. 
  • We position your organization appropriately. WG Content doesn’t want to clog the internet with useless marketing materials any more than you do. That’s why our thought leadership materials focus on helping the audience solve problems and see your company as a valuable resource.  
  • We’re word nerds. Our writers love translating scientific, evidence-based information into readable prose.
  • Your company won’t sound like show-offs. Our writers know how to establish your organization’s credibility without a boastful tone.
  • We know your audience. We have a knack for understanding what your readers already know — and what they need to know. 
  • Our content strategists can identify new editorial opportunities. Services for thought leadership campaigns include content planning, competitive analysis and more.

You’ll have our expert team by your side, ready to create B2B and B2C marketing content that builds your reputation. Executes on your marketing strategies. And speaks clearly to doctors, researchers, industry leaders and other high-level audiences.

Passionate and professional — that’s us

Years of experience have taught us how to write for people who are accomplished in their field and want to stay on the cutting edge of knowledge. And we’re passionate about connecting them with organizations like yours that can be high-impact professional partners.

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Our writers are backed by editors who make sure the content is good to go and a creative team that can add pizzazz with graphic design, video and audio services.

Our tried-and-true creative process

WG Content's approach to thought leadership.
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WG Content is an extension of our team for all things content. It does not matter what the product is; they produce first-rate content for any tactic. The variety of writers makes them the first place we go to for content support and you should, too.

Jean Hitchcock

President, Hitchcock Marketing & Communications

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Thought leadership pieces help client build their business

Image of a white paper WG Content wrote for Cox Health on the latest trends in urgent care.