Patient education

Patient education that informs health-related decisions

We all know what it’s like to read something that goes completely over our heads. Sometimes that’s OK. But other times, understanding is essential. One could even say lifesaving.

Patient education content falls squarely into the second category. To connect with your audience, it has to be accurate, clear and engaging.

WG Content writers have the experience and training to check all those boxes. They dig deep for just the right words. The simplest phrasing. The most straightforward descriptions. The result? Elegant, useful writing that’s anything but dumbed down.

Writing patient materials starts with empathy

At WG Content, we know how good it feels to understand and be understood in the healthcare space. That empathy drives us to create patient education materials that make an impact. You can count on the WG Content team to:

  • Research technical information like a boss. Our writers confidently navigate science journals, case studies and white papers.
  • Respect your subject matter experts’ time and expertise with second-to-none interviewing skills.
  • Be accurate. We know your organization’s reputation depends on it.
  • Use patient-first writing strategies. We respect your audience as much as you do.
  • Follow best practices for writing in plain English. Chunking, bullet points, active voice, appropriate word choices — the works.
  • Use inclusive language that all audiences can understand.
  • Apply SEO sensibilities. Patients need to find your content to benefit from it — we’ll help make that happen.

We partner with B2B and B2C clients in a variety of industries, from healthcare and academia to tech and innovation. Our team produces all types of patient education pieces, including: 

  • Blog posts
  • Disease-specific webpages 
  • Treatment-specific webpages 
  • Fact sheets and brochures 

Need visual images to bring home a patient education message? We work with designers who are ready to provide custom graphic design, animation and video to reinforce your written content.

Not sure where to start? Our expert content strategists are here for you, too. They can provide services such as content marketing strategy, story ideation and editorial calendar planning, and content audit and gap analysis.

Our six-step process produces engaging content

WG Content's six-step process for producing quality content
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Bringing the human element into healthcare materials is not an easy task. You have to translate technical terms into something the everyday person can understand and find comfort in. The WG Content team took our information and flowed it into a print and digital piece with ease. They told our story in a way we could never have on our own, and we are very, very happy with the results.

Eric Mello

Marketing Director, Family Health West

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