Internal Communications

Internal comms content that unites your organization

Internal communications have the potential to inspire loyalty and top-notch job performance. But it’s easy to miss the mark — whether in company-wide emails, newsletters, intranet articles or videos.

And when internal comms are “off,” that’s a problem. Initially, audiences may simply tune out. But over time, the disconnect may make them question the organization’s competency and identity. They may even question whether to stick around.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Let WG Content help you revitalize your internal communication strategy and develop compelling content that’s anything but dull and ineffective. Our versatile team understands the nuances of effective internal comms support. They will help you use internal comms to build belief in your organization’s mission, vision and values.

Internal communications your teams will make time for

Your employees, volunteers and board members are busy. But they’ll tune in for engaging, useful communications — and that’s our specialty. You can count on WG Content for all your internal comms needs.

  • Blog articles for your intranet site
  • Crisis communications  
  • Emails that don’t get lost in the shuffle 
  • Employee and volunteer training materials 
  • Employee health and wellness campaign materials 
  • Executive communications, including presentations, memos and emails 
  • Benefits materials and employee welcome kits 
  • Newsletters that team members will want to read 
  • Scripts for how-to videos, webinars and podcasts 

What’s more, we can provide content strategy for internal communications. Our strategists can help you:

You value your teams — and so do we

Your employees, volunteers and board members are the heart of your internal communications strategy. And as your primary audience, they can offer valuable feedback to take your internal comms to the next level.

At WG Content, we take time to understand what your teams need and want from your internal communications. We develop internal messaging that’s on-brand and in sync with your organization’s identity. We’re always listening and constantly improving to make your communications — and your organization — stronger.

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I just cannot rave enough about WG Content and the entire organization. Everyone I’ve met has been intelligent and easy to work with. They delivered ideas we hadn’t even considered. It felt like a true collaboration, not just delivering on a task list. WG Content provided top-tier service — it felt like they were part of our internal team.

Ronak Assadi

Program Manager, Network Development and Innovation, Children’s Medical Center Dallas 

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