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Clients and industries

Small marketing teams in large hospitals. IT specialists with innovative provider tools. Health plans. Big companies disrupting healthcare. If you’re on the health industry spectrum, you’re our kind of client.

Every client matters and every word counts

Each client matters in our world, just like each word serves as a fresh chance to build new relationships. Ours with you. Yours with your audiences. All with the idea that the best health content builds trust, advances a sound marketing plan and sets up our clients for a robust future.

  • Healthcare and wellness organizations 
    • Marketing 
    • Internal and external communication 
  • Hospitals and health systems
    • Academic medical centers 
    • Cancer centers 
    • Children’s hospitals 
    • Regional health systems 
  • Retail providers and disruptors 
    • National drugstore chains  
    • Global online shopping sites 
  • Government
    • Departments of public health 
    • Health and human services 
  • B2B companies​ 
    • Technology and SaaS businesses 
    • B2C or B2B health-based startups 
  • Health plans
    • Traditional 
    • Provider   
  • Fundraising philanthropic organizations  
    • Associations 
    • Foundations 
  • Life sciences
    • Med devices 
    • Biotech 

Every word sets a marketing plan in motion for our key clients in these industries. If you’re ready for a great partnership, let’s chat about how we can help make things happen for you.

Health and wellness

Develop versatile content for clinical and non-clinical topics. 

Government entities

Connect federal agencies with constituents to increase public trust.

Retail and disruptors

Engage consumers with healthcare expertise and marketing chops.


Profit from decades of expert healthcare digital content.

Payers and insurance

Build awareness, generate leads and create lasting relationships.

Nonprofits and foundations

Take donors on a high-quality, educational journey.

Clients trust us to join them in the push to lead their industries

We provide our clients with countless words and strategies that serve as relationship-building blocks. Here are just a few of the clients we partner with to support their goal to lead in the health space.

Augment your staff. Boost your team’s skill set in a particular area. Dive into content strategy like never before. These are just a few of the reasons why clients bring us on for the first time. Whatever your health content needs are, we put them — and your marketing goals — first.

Radical empathy fuels our desire to understand and address the challenges you face today and the goals you’ll have tomorrow. It’s also why you’ll have a deep well of services to draw from. Including content creation. Content strategy. Project management. Editing. More.

Working with us, you’ll have a team with the bench strength to get a project over the finish line.

  • Consists of thoroughly vetted professionals
  • Provides 100+ writers, editors, strategists and designers
  • Brings the full scope of advanced degrees and varied backgrounds in English, journalism, marketing, public health, health insurance, nursing and other fields
  • Trained by our WG Content Academy to master the vital elements of plain language and health literacy
  • Collaborate closely with you and your team to direct and manage a project end-to-end
  • Build the content team you’ll be working with
  • Track and report on progress, threats, opportunities, milestones
  • Won’t miss a beat adapting to your content management system
  • Works in open-source or close-sourced tools
  • Performs content shaping and content design
  • Offers deep experience with WordPress, GatherContent, Adobe Workfront, Basecamp, Slack, SurveyMonkey, Sitecore, Drupal and more
Graphic showing how WG Content has the expertise to take your content project over the finish line

You can rely on us to help you succeed and lead in the health space. Living our values keeps us passionate about making sure your success happens.

It’s been that way for over 20 years. And while many things will change, the core of who we are — the values that inspire us — never will.

Founder and CEO Christy Pretzinger shares why we’ll always be content to the core

Meet our team — and consider them yours

picture of WG Content team members
“WG Content told our story in a way we could never have on our own and we are very, very happy with the results.

Eric Mello

Marketing Director, Family Health West