Investments in high-risk pregnancy care content and strategy deliver results

Provider engagement and data-driven strategy guide the development of new content showcasing Memorial Healthcare System’s specialized team’s unique approach to care and their experience treating rare and complex conditions.

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We have worked with WG Content for several years now, yet they never cease to impress us. They are thorough in their research before creating the content, and their deliverables exceed our expectations.

Bahati Banks

Senior Content Strategist, Memorial Healthcare System

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When Memorial Healthcare System experienced increased competition for high-risk pregnancy care, they knew they needed to improve their web content to showcase the story of the new, multidisciplinary care team and the system’s deep expertise.


Because WG Content had an established partnership with Memorial, we quickly stepped in to provide a full analysis of the current state of high-risk pregnancy content. The analysis uncovered opportunities to showcase their investment in new, high-risk obstetricians.


WG Content created eight new consumer-facing webpages for the service line and rewrote two existing pages, taking into account the importance of health literacy. The new pages delivered increased page views, time on page and search result rankings.

Increase in page views
Increase in time on page 
Increase in organic search rankings
Impressions for “placenta accreta” 


A need to showcase high-risk pregnancy offerings

With several hospitals throughout South Florida, Memorial Healthcare System offers extensive healthcare services to diverse communities. They began their partnership with WG Content in 2017. After working together on a successful maternity web strategy and content strategy project, Memorial asked WG Content to help them best represent their advanced high-risk pregnancy offerings to patients and referring providers.

High-risk pregnancy and delivery require advanced expertise in a specialized setting. A team of experts meets patients where they are emotional and offers reassurance and information to make sure they have the best possible experience. This approach also helps set Memorial apart from the competition. The healthcare system recently brought on numerous skilled high-risk obstetricians and maternal-fetal medicine specialists to provide patients with the support they need. It was a top priority to share the story of this new, multidisciplinary care team and the system’s deep expertise with even the rarest conditions.


Strategy and content development services that promote provider expertise

Memorial enlisted the expert content strategists at WG Content to interview key stakeholders and develop a plan. The strategists detailed what makes Memorial’s approach to care different from other systems throughout the high-risk pregnancy experience. It’s a journey that includes prenatal, labor and delivery, postpartum and neonatology.

Through several interviews with their engaged team of providers, WG Content identified the department’s competitive differentiators and target audience needs, and documented and analyzed the patient journey. The WC Content team also conducted a content gap audit, competitive analysis and deep dive into localized SEO and keyword research. Doing this helped shape a comprehensive content strategy plan, including a full-section structure and page-by-page content strategy recommendations. The team uncovered opportunities to fill gaps and optimize the patient experience with digital and print content, which positioned the system better in a competitive landscape. 

Health literacy data also revealed an opportunity to better meet the needs of an important audience. Memorial’s high-risk pregnancy team serves a large Spanish-speaking population. WG Content provided insightful recommendations on how to simplify complex concepts to minimize confusion and target a grade reading level, that would allow for easier, more accurate translation and align with Memorial’s dedication to health equity.

After the content strategy portion of the project, Memorial partnered with WG Content expert writers to rewrite two existing pages of content and develop eight new pages, including:


New content that delivers increased page views, time on page and organic rankings

One of the client’s critical needs was to improve on promoting specialized care for the pregnancy complication placenta accreta. Thanks to WG Content’s efforts, the new content saw 3.5k impressions for the term “placenta accreta.” The five months before the launch saw zero impressions for this key phrase.

WG Content continues to partner with Memorial. They’re working together to develop custom content that improves support for the provider referral process for high-risk pregnancy care.

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