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Workplace culture

We’re intentional about guiding our agency through the lens of culture and not just commerce. That way, strategy shines. Creativity thrives. And every interaction is based on authenticity. The core of our culture? Caring.

The lived experience of a positive culture — every day

For 20-plus years, WG Content has put culture at least as high on the list of workplace essentials as sound financial growth and stewardship. Wait. Scratch that. It’s higher. Ultimately our culture, mission and values have been the most compelling reasons employees and associates stay with the company for eight, 10, 12 years or more.

When you become part of WG Content, you’re on a team that excels in technical proficiency, active listening, interpersonal understanding and problem-solving. We confidently adapt to change. Collaborate effectively. And communicate authentically and empathetically inside and outside the workplace. Our culture is the fertile ground that helps clients achieve their goals. And where success for all of us is positively limitless.

Our strong culture is the foundation of a company that’s:

  • Engaged. Employees and associates feel valued and engaged. They’re motivated and committed to the company — and to each other.
  • Aligned. Our shared ethos means we click for all the right reasons.
  • Productive. The agency’s collaborative culture encourages people to share ideas and work toward common goals. Clients see positive results.
  • Creative. Employees and associates who work with WG Content are empowered to challenge the status quo. Their breakout ideas often create a competitive advantage for clients.
  • Service oriented. Engaged employees and associates provide excellent customer service. That makes clients happier and more loyal. We enjoy their success and want to work harder. It’s a loop we love.
  • Healthy and happy. We prioritize personal and professional growth, believing they foster a more resilient, fulfilled team. It’s the right thing — the kind thing — to do.

Living and working by our values


We think like owners.


We learn and solve.


We take care of each other.


We celebrate.

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I love working at WG Content for a million reasons. The two main ones, though, are the work we get to do and the people we get to do it with. I feel incredibly blessed and fortunate to do what I love alongside some amazingly talented, kind people.

Colleen Weinkam

Senior Writer and Editor, WG Content

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Get a healthy view of workplace culture: meet our team

Empowerment. Curiosity. Kindness. Fun. They’re at the heart of how we work and live, and why you can trust us to help you and our clients succeed with WG Content.

It’s been that way for over 20 years. And while we’ve grown and evolved, our core — and the values and culture that inspire us — remains.

Founder and CEO Christy Pretzinger shares why we’ll always be content to the core