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Your healthcare company has a new brand. A new logo, new tagline and new value proposition. You’ve spent months, maybe even a year or more, developing your new brand. But how do you bring that new brand to life?

Rebrands happen as businesses change over time. Facebook became Meta. Twitter became X. Kentucky Fried Chicken shortened to KFC, and Dunkin’ Donuts is now known as Dunkin.

According to Forbes, there’s no set rule for when a company should rebrand. It can happen when your current brand doesn’t represent all the services you deliver. Or maybe you’re moving into a new market or going through an acquisition or merger.

No matter the reason, once you’re ready for the big reveal, a rebrand calls for a full-court press of marketing tactics to make sure all your stakeholders — associates, customers, suppliers and shareholders — know about the change and the reason behind it. People resist change, so it’s vital to help them understand the benefits.

Your website is one of the main assets you can use to communicate and demonstrate your new brand. Your website is essentially your digital front door. It’s the way many customers will experience your new branding for the first time. That’s why it’s vital to integrate the new brand into your website and help customers feel comfortable with it.

Sharing your new brand with your stakeholders is exciting, but you’ll want to complete the following five steps before you launch the new brand on your website.

1. Update site headlines to mirror your new brand personality

Headlines are often the most engaging part of your webpage. They set the tone, quickly tell your visitors what the page is about, and entice them to read more. Whether you’ve changed your brand voice and tone or simply chosen a fresh font, it’s good to review all your site headlines to make sure they accurately reflect your new brand.

2. Refresh your “About Us” page to share your vision

Your company history is evolving. Your mission, vision and values are likely changing, too. Paint the picture of why and how. Outlining your goals and aspirations will help reduce confusion, ensure brand loyalty, and set the stage for new growth.

3. Create a landing page and video to share your rebranding process

People are curious. Many stakeholders will want to know how you came up with the new look and feel. Sharing key milestones, challenges and insights on a landing page and in a video will bring your brand to life in a personal and compelling way. Start by explaining your new logo, colors, typography and imagery since this is what people will experience first. You can then introduce the latest tagline and any new graphics or emojis. Share teasers of social media or ad campaigns. Also, let people know when they’ll start to see your new look. Maybe it will roll out across markets right away. Or perhaps you’ll phase it into other health systems or companies you operate under another name over time.

4. Showcase new services, markets or locations

Build new web pages to reflect your changes. Highlight your expanded services, the new markets you’ve entered or any new locations. Make space to share any notable additions to your leadership team.

5. Optimize for SEO

All your content, from headlines and copy to videos and images, works to support your SEO strategy. With a rebrand, you’ll want to be sure your content matches the new brand and that the keywords align with your updated mission or new healthcare marketing strategy.

Bringing a new brand to life requires a well-planned strategy. Many companies turn to the expertise of outside agencies like WG Content to develop strategy and tactics. WG Content helps health systems and B2B health brands create content unity system-wide. Our team of content strategists, writers and editors can help your organization refresh your website content to reflect your new brand style, voice and tone. Let’s get started.

A company or healthcare system might look to rebrand itself when the current brand doesn’t represent all the services it delivers. Or maybe they’re moving into a new market or going through an acquisition or merger.

One of the best ways to launch a brand is by using your website. There, you’ll have plenty of space to tell the story through layout, images, headlines, copy and video content.

To showcase your new brand on your website, you’ll want to update headlines, refresh your “About Us” page, create a landing page that shows the brand in action, showcase your new services, markets or locations, and ensure your site content matches your new brand.

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