Key takeaways in this post:

  • Seek writers with strong communication, adaptability, and SEO understanding
  • Ensure quality by checking samples, references, and providing clear feedback.
  • Outsourcing saves time, enhances expertise, improves content, and boosts brand credibility.
  • Outsourcing content writing strategically leverages external talent for tailored, high-quality content.

Matching with a good writer is like slipping on your favorite pair of shoes. This person is comfortable, reliable and will travel the road ahead with you faithfully. Although grammar and punctuation are important, there are other attributes to look for when your marketing department wants to outsource content creation. Writers have different styles, skill sets and expertise that lend themselves to being a better fit for some projects and others not. Do your research, conduct thorough interviews and keep these 7 attributes in mind when looking for an outsourced content writer.

Healthcare marketing isn’t the place for amateur writers. You want someone with a portfolio of work that displays competence in the industry, especially if you are in a niche sector. Requesting work or assigning a custom sample will indicate the writer’s skill level. Experience in healthcare is a plus, if not a necessity, for outsourcing content writers in your healthcare organization.

Time is money. Being on time with drafts and revisions is essential to a successful project. Having an upfront conversation about punctuality and expectations will help clear up common issues with due dates, like whether or not it includes editing time and what to do when a deadline needs an extension.

When you check references, their on-time performance is an important question to ask during the interview process.

3. Self-motivated

Nowadays, outsourced writers come from all walks of life. Some could be retired, others could work full-time for an agency or themselves, and some are taking advantage of remote work side hustles. Either of these scenarios requires a great deal of self-motivation to balance a variety of projects and timelines. Here, you’ll need to do a little gut check: Do you trust they can get the work done in the time provided without babysitting? Portfolio reviews, reference checks and a thorough interview usually lead you in the right direction to confirm your gut-check.

4. Ethical

No AI here – mostly. The marketing world has seen an entire shake-up with the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI), but every writer knows that quality content is, above all else, original. Use any of these AI checkers to ensure AI didn’t generate the content you received. On the other hand, AI does wonders in the writing process for idea generation. Don’t discount a writer just because they use the latest technology. Discuss your expectations upfront about the appropriate use of AI in content creation at your organization.

5. Receptive

Edits are a part of every writer’s life. When you outsource content, your writer must be receptive to feedback from either an internal or external editor and any subject matter experts reviewing their work. When you review a potential writer’s sample work, use this as an opportunity to be extra diligent with edits to see how they respond to feedback. You know your organization best, and the editing process helps refine the content to fit your needs.

6. Flexible

Outsourcing content writing requires flexibility on the part of the organization, the writer and any liaison in between, such as a project manager. Due dates shift, priorities get shuffled and left at the very end of these changes is the writer. Writers often work well under pressure and can nimbly react to project fluctuations. Have your writer send schedule updates frequently so that when you look ahead at projects and deadlines, you can make assignments around their needs and plan for unexpected changes.

7. Team player

Although not a direct member of your team, an outsourced content writer is an extension of your organization’s culture. A writer who embraces your brand and honors its tone, style and voice is one you can consider part of your team.

Above all else, your outsourced writer needs to be a great fit. Although difficult to define, a great fit is what you and your organization deem necessary for excellent content creation and project completion. These 7 attributes make up the ideal outsourced content writer; however, create your own list as you start the search process.

WG Content has a network of content creators bound to fit your needs. Contact us today to discuss what you are looking for and how WG Content can find your perfect match.

Hiring an outsourced content writer can provide access to specialized expertise, save time and resources, ensure consistent quality, and offer flexibility in workload and scalability.

When outsourcing content writing, it’s essential to seek writers who possess strong communication skills, adaptability to various tones and styles, and a solid understanding of SEO principles.

To ensure quality work from an outsourced content writer, you can request writing samples, check their references or testimonials, and provide clear guidelines and feedback throughout the writing process.

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