A woman smiling and waving on a video call A woman smiling and waving on a video call

Meet the team

We’re visionary creatives. Analytical strategists. And most importantly, relationship-builders. Every day, our team joins together to shape meaningful brand experiences and enduring bonds.

Extend your team to advance your brand

From the minute we start working with you, our team becomes an extension of yours. Each person at WG Content understands the nuances of our various clients in the health space. And can leverage data-driven approaches to inform your decisions. This way, we hit the ground gracefully running toward your goals.

Always building relationships and our marketing chops

Everyone — employees and associates — on our coast-to-coast team has healthcare and digital content experience and the educational bona fides to back up those skills:

  • B.A. and master’s degrees in journalism, English, communications, marketing and public relations
  • RNs, BSNs and MSNs
  • MDs and PhDs

They’re thoroughly equipped to bring the best to your specific marketing needs from Day One and on. Each WG Content team member receives proprietary training from our WG Content Academy in:

  • Health literacy and plain language
  • Interviewing clinicians
  • Telling compelling stories
  • And much more

Engagement. Collaboration. Creativity.

These are the attributes that help our culture — and our work with you — flourish. With us as your extended team, we provide:

  • Technical proficiency
  • Active listening
  • Interpersonal understanding and problem-solving
  • Ability to pivot with confidence
  • Authentic and empathetic communication

Remote? Yes. Unavailable? Never.

We’re not individuals who write and strategize in siloed, virtual worlds. We’re so much more. Being a remote company only makes us work harder to build our team into a unified, dynamic force. As one, we share the vision to help you through changing market dynamics. Along the way, we’ll build solid relationships with you based on transparency, trust and integrity.

The WG Content team

Christy Pretzinger, WG Content CEO

President and CEO

Christy has grown WG Content from a modest freelance writing business into a nationally…

Colleen Massa, WG Content COO


Since 2012, Colleen has been an integral part of the WG Content. She rapidly moved from…

Rebecca Sims, EVP WG Content

EVP, Operations

When four-year-old Rebecca snuck onto a bus (in Germany) headed for a preschool…

Kirsten Lecky, EVP insights and growth WG Content

EVP, Insights and Growth

Kirsten enjoys working with healthcare leaders and has been doing so for most of her…

Reba Thompson, VP client relationships WG Content

VP, Client Relationships

Reba is a business development pro, and we admire her professionalism, organizational…

Rosemary D'Aloia, director of finance WG Content

Director of Finance

Rosemary considers herself a seeker and life-long learner. She’s passionate about helping…

Heather Stanley, director of marketing, WG Content

Director of Marketing

Heather is a born storyteller, and some of her favorite stories to tell are about…

Lauran McHaffie, Client partnerships and business development

Client Partnership Coordinator

It’s about people for Lauran. She is passionate about collaboration, empowering…

Katie Snyder, Marketing coordinator WG Content

Marketing Coordinator

Katie is a University of Cincinnati grad who completed her undergraduate degree in…

Laura DiGiulio, operations director

Operations Director

Laura joined WG Content in 2012. A self-described “grammar nerd,” Laura has enjoyed…

Diane Hammons, director, WG Content

Director of Digital Engagement

So, you’re all writers? No. But we’re all communicators. Diane came to WriterGirl with a…

Lyn Engle, director of creative operations, WG Content

Director of Creative Operations

Lyn’s a life-long ‘word nerd’ who is seldom without a pen at hand. She loves helping…

Elizabeth Creehan, WG Content

Director of Creative Operations

Elizabeth’s journey to becoming a WG Content project manager took a few twists…

Carol Williams, content director, WG Content

Content Director

Carol has been a marketing writer for a few decades now. The challenges of persuasion…

Kris Henninger, editorial manager, WG Content

Editorial Manager

Kris brings over 20 years of writing and editing experience – from employee communications…

Rachel Hershberger, operations coordinator, WG Content

Operations Coordinator

Rachel has a knack for communication and an inherent belief that everyone deserves…

Haley Dardis, HR coordinator, WG Content

HR Coordinator

Everything that Haley does is centered around cultivating relationships. As a tour guide at…

Melissa Alexander, project manager, WG Content

Project Manager

Melissa started her career designing the front pages of newspapers but soon fell into the…

Alice Churchill, project manager, WG Content

Project Manager

Since 2013, Alice has created content and overseen the details of WG Content projects…

Lee Fleisher, Project manager, WG Content

Project Manager

When she was young, Lee could always be found with a notebook and pen in her hand…

Terri Ann Fredette, project manager, WG Content

Project Manager

Terri Ann is a consummate collaborator who enjoys connecting B2B and B2C clients with…

Kristin Grace, WG Content

Project Manager

A byproduct of an intensely creative family, Kristin was destined to end up in some…

Karrie Hoover, WG Content

Project Manager

Karrie describes her career as looking a bit like a patchwork quilt—made of a little of…

Rebecca Sgarlata, Project manager, WG Content

Project Manager

The name Rebecca Sgarlata is synonymous with “jack of all trades.” Her extensive…

Kate Tatarko WG Content

Project Manager

Kate is a born project manager. As a kid, she begged her mom to run the school carnival…

Nikki Breen content strategist, WG Content

Content Strategist

Nikki has over a decade of experience in the health care industry. With a multifaceted…

Stella Hart, content strategist, WG Content

Content Strategist

Stella is an experienced healthcare marketer, digital strategist, and user experience…

Abbie Krajewski, content strategist, WG Content

Content Strategist

Abbie is an experienced marketer who uses her strategic mind to create better experiences for…

Hannah Barker, senior writer and editor, WG Content

Senior Content Writer and Editor

Hannah has loved both writing and science for as long as she can remember…

Dama Ewbank, senior writer and editor WG Content

Senior Content Writer and Editor

Dama is a Purdue University grad who started her college career as a biology major before…

Colleen Weinkam, WG Content

Senior Content Writer and Editor

Colleen is an Ohio University journalism school grad who started as a producer for TV news…

Leigh Wilkens, senior writer and editor, WG Content

Senior Content Writer and Editor

Leigh graduated from Northwestern University with a journalism degree in her hand and a dream in…

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Do you need to spotlight the future of AI or digital transformation? Want a keynote presenter or member of a panel discussion to discuss content marketing and strategic communications? Perfect. WG Content subject matter experts are available to facilitate, present, co-present or attend your virtual and in-person events.

Our one-woman business has grown into dozens of staff members and 100+ associates from coast-to-coast.

Image of all the states WG Content has associates in.
“WG Content is an extension of our team for all things content. No matter what the product is, they produce first-rate content for any tactic.

Jean Hitchcock

President, Hitchcock Marketing & Communications