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History, mission and values

People often wonder about our remote-only agency. How are we so unified? So in sync? Now we’ve rebranded, and yet we’re still our diverse, creative and curious selves. To us, there’s no mystery — it’s in our DNA.

Making history in the health space

More than 20 years ago, when Christy Pretzinger purchased the company then known as WriterGirl, it was essentially a one-person copywriting business that focused on such projects as ads and product naming. Then she began working with a hospital system that needed content for its rebranding efforts. Christy saw an opportunity and knew that if this hospital needed content, many others must need it, too. WriterGirl didn’t just enter the arena of providing healthcare content — we helped build it.

Remote work delivers a more balanced life

Christy was determined to lead the company in her own way. That included working remotely. She says, “I never wanted an office, because I didn’t want to have to go there.” As the company grew, she saw an opportunity to share the experience of working remotely with other women. This would give them a chance to have a flexible schedule, allowing for what she calls life-work balance.

The rebrand is born

Christy knew that just as the health space keeps evolving, so do we. In 2023, after careful consideration, Christy, her leadership team and the marketing team set out to rebrand the company. That brought about the name change from WriterGirl to WG Content. And while she’ll always be our “Girl,” the company’s new name better represents us as we continue to grow and deliver genius strategy and fresh creative to clients who are all about growing, too.

A business built on kindness

When Christy took over the freelance writing business that was then called WriterGirl, she told her accountant that if she couldn’t build a company based on kindness, she’d go back to working solo. She felt strongly that being kind — giving people the benefit of the doubt, finding ways to show appreciation for clients and vendors, and extending grace to even the most challenging individuals — was how she wanted to live her life and do her work.

For Christy, kindness is about creating an environment where every individual knows they matter. It’s all part of a positive culture that has caring at its core.

WG Content employees

Living and working by our values

Kindness was just the beginning. Several years ago, Christy asked employees to join her in creating values that would guide every element of our culture and success. As a team, we brought together the three remaining values — empowered, curious and fun — and made them the foundation of our thriving company culture.


We think like owners.


We learn and solve.


We take care of each other.


We celebrate.

We build relationships one word at a time.

Founder and CEO Christy Pretzinger shares why our mission is so important