Image of two women working together Image of two women working together

Diversity, equity and inclusion

The words diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are key to our mission to build relationships. Each word inspires our genuine desire to change and grow. You’re invited to join us on the journey.

We all bring something different to the table

WG Content will always make it a top priority to seek writers, project managers, editors and strategists who have the experience and skills we need — we owe it to our clients. Just as vital, we’re looking for people who can bring something new and different to the table. Who share our mission and values but don’t necessarily have to share our backgrounds and experiences.

Why DEI matters

We grow and are better when we connect with people and backgrounds different from ours.

  • Many of our clients serve diverse patient populations. We must be able to communicate with their audiences effectively.
  • We also want to communicate genuinely. With the benefit of shared experiences, the content we write is more relatable.
  • We’re curious about skills, experiences and ideas we’ll benefit from because we choose to embrace diversity.

WG Content has been a leader in the health content space for decades. Being a women-led company has been eye-opening and challenging. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s all part of our story. And we want to know yours.

Statement of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at WG Content

Our mission is to build relationships one word at a time. Three words are vital to help guide that mission: diversity, equity and inclusion. We know each of those terms must come from a place of honesty and a genuine desire to change and grow. That’s why we’re prepared for times of discomfort, knowing they’ll lead to lasting bonds of acceptance. It’s why we walk into unknown territory and keep each other safe along the way. The drive to be authentic is also why we speak and write words that are thoughtful, caring and humane. Building life-affirming relationships at WG Content means those words aren’t negotiable.

Bringing DEI together: Our team

The DEI team at WG Content began when leadership recognized that we needed to create a focused effort to learn and grow in these areas. We did it knowing it would bring a greater understanding of our responsibilities as an employer and, more importantly, as citizens of the world.

Learning as we go — and grow

We know content and strategy. But as an employer who is dedicated to authentic engagement and partnership, WG Content needs and wants to know more about diversity, equity and inclusion. It starts with what we can learn from each other. We formed a workplace DEI team to dig deeper into where we are and where we want to go. With the same passion we have for delivering content and strategy, we put our hearts into having an effective team to build all our relationships. No surprise there. It’s how we’re built.

Defining DEI

You can’t work in the health space without learning all the ways you can touch a person’s life. Personally. Empathetically. In the most authentic ways. This is our public commitment to build diverse, equitable and inclusive relationships at WG Content. By touching lives one word — and one empowering action — at a time.

  • Diversity: The backgrounds and experiences that make us all different
  • Equity: For all individuals: being fair, seeking justice and staying impartial
  • Inclusion: Being different from others in any space without fear of negative outcomes

How we approach DEI education and inclusive hiring

We’re determined not to let DEI at WG Content become an empty shell of intention. Instead, we embrace a full commitment to act — starting with these three simple approaches.


We set goals for diverse hiring and DEI education company-wide


The team stays open to and explores new DEI tools and resources


We seek diverse hires and train all staff on aspects of DEI