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Looking to inspire your team to achieve new levels of personal and professional growth? Need a podcast guest who can share what it’s like to start and lead a growing agency founded on kindness? Christy Pretzinger will inspire your audience with real-world learnings and connect with your listeners through her conversational presentation style. If you’d like to book Christy for a speaking opportunity, fill out the form on this page.

Christy Pretzinger, WG Content CEO

Christy Pretzinger transformed the landscape of healthcare content creation and, along the way, transformed what it’s like to work at a growing agency. As the owner and CEO of WG Content, Christy has established an industry-leading company that delivers superior content and strategy to healthcare brands nationwide. How did she do it? She intentionally focused on building the business based on kindness. And that approach has proven to be good for people and the bottom line.

Over time, Christy discovered her true calling: to create a workplace that nurtures personal and professional growth — and help other leaders do the same. She’s a popular guest speaker for events and podcasts, always ready to guide audiences on how to grow leaders and build inclusive workplaces. She’s been featured on numerous podcasts, including From Founder to CEO, Her Million Dollar My$tery, Lead Like a Woman and Smart Business Revolution. See for yourself how Christy is reinventing how businesses evaluate effective leadership, how employees can contribute to success and how everyone can win — if you start with kindness.

Potential speaking topics

  • Building a workplace culture with intentional values
  • Investing in team and individual EQ/EI
  • Developing effective vision, purpose, mission and values
  • Engaging teams with personality typing
  • Embracing the power of soft skills in leadership
  • Practicing effective communication in writing and speaking
  • Creating true trust in the workplace through vulnerability
  • Asking the hard questions that help people and companies grow

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