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About us

Our clients deal with competition that’s fiercer than ever. But we’re just as fierce about our clients’ success. And committed to building relationships with them along the way. We’re content — and caring — to the core.

We’re all about the business — of building relationships

Sometimes at WG Content, our cherished pets steal the show during internal team meetings — with welcoming smiles all around. There’s also a must-read, engaging staff newsletter that keeps us connected as we work remotely. Those are just two of the many ways we keep our “fun” value fresh. But when it comes to business, we’re seriously all about it. For more than 20 years, we’ve delivered strategy, writing and project management expertise to B2B and B2C audiences. We:

  • Help patients feel informed, prepared and, ultimately, hopeful
  • Promote health systems and hospitals by telling their compelling brand story
  • Highlight the critical work doctors do every day
  • Position academic researchers in the rarified air they deserve
  • Encourage donors that their contributions are making a difference
  • Join with agency partners to advance their client’s brand
  • Build the marketing story for health industry disruptors and innovators in smart, original ways
  • Inspire our job applicants to imagine a place where their skills are in demand and life-work balance is deeply respected

In essence, whether you join us as a client, employee or associate, we build relationships that matter, that last.

Project managers nurture relationships that spark success

One of the first people you’ll meet as a WG Content client is your project manager (PM). PMs have a heart for building relationships, something you’ll experience with each encounter. They’re also smart, reliable leaders (and miracle-workers when needed). We wouldn’t be WG Content without them.

Quality control, clear communication and performance measurement are inside every PM’s toolbox

  • Allocate resources. Our PMs aren’t daunted by limited human resources, budgets or time (that’s one of the miracle-working things about them). They’re savvy about maximizing productivity.
  • Coordinate tasks. PMs make sure tasks and teams are efficiently coordinated and deadlines are met.
  • Manage risks. Even the most well-developed plan involves inherent risks. Our PMs expertly identify, assess and mitigate risks to make sure your project withstands the impact — and succeeds.
WG Content team

Request WG Content speakers for expertise that inspires

Power up your next event with WG Content subject matter experts. They’ll facilitate, present or co-present at your virtual or in-person event. Need a spotlight on the future of AI or digital transformation? A keynote presenter or panel discussion member to discuss content marketing and strategic communications? Perfect. After all, current topics about content are our jam. Combine that with our relatable, charismatic delivery and we guarantee you’ll be delighted.

We’ll see you on the conference circuit

Whether we’re speaking at a workshop or staffing our vibrant booth, we always look forward to conferences, tradeshows and other events. Hope to see you there!

Artificial intelligence is dominating headlines these days. We’re specifically referring to the kind of AI that can conjure original ideas in the form of text, video or other media. Our current approach is in the spirit of curiosity, one of our core values.

While AI is in quite a hype cycle, we’re not feeling threatened. We’re exploring how to leverage it to save time or springboard our own creativity. We’ve found it’s best used to help brainstorm, outline, organize and summarize, as an assistant might. In contrast, WG Content creates strategies and custom content for other humans — with purpose, passion and life experience.

AI can mimic empathy. But it can’t know what it’s truly like to lose a loved one. To survive a traumatic experience. To experience the stress of marketing your new business in the health space. We do. And our strategies and content show it.

  • Brainstorm
  • Break through writer’s block and blank-page syndrome
  • Organize and summarize content
  • Save time, which can benefit our clients
  • Bias
  • Copyright questions
  • Inaccuracies (“hallucinations”)
  • Overall impact on the writing process
  • Privacy concerns
  • Sources and timelines of information

Agency partnerships share the vision and hit the mark

Your agency and WG Content - more powerful together