Key takeaways in this post:

  • Make sure your landing page headlines are useful, urgent, unique and ultra-specific.
  • Use short sentences on landing pages and make the content easy to skim.
  • Get clear on what benefits you want the reader to understand about your product or service.

You’ve heard of destination weddings. But what about landing pages? These standalone web pages appear when you click on a search engine-optimized search result, marketing promotion or online advertisement. Landing pages typically encourage visitors to take action—whether by watching a video about your organization, entering a contest, requesting more information or registering for an event.

Landing pages help start the flow of information between you and your target audience. When done well, they serve as relationship builders by allowing each party to exchange valuable information. For example, a landing page may ask visitors to provide personal information (valuable to the organization) for the chance to win a big prize (beneficial to visitors.) As the relationship grows, the visitor may share additional information in exchange for learning more about your organization.

Follow these tips to get your landing page content in great shape so that you can start building a relationship with those who stop by.

1. Punch up that headline

As legendary advertising executive David Ogilvy once observed, “On average, five times as many people read the headline as the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

With that in mind, remember that your landing page headline must be concise and captivate your audience with a strong call-to-action (CTA).

One way to evaluate your headline is by using the classic copywriting 4U’s formula developed by copywriting guru and success coach Michael Masterson:

  • Is it useful: Does it provide or promise something of value to your audience?
  • Is it urgent: Does it make your audience want to find out more right now?
  • Is it unique: Does it stand out from the competition?
  • Is it ultra-specific: Does it speak directly to your audience and your audience alone?

2. Tighten up your copy

The rest of the copy for your landing page content must support the promise or claim you make in the headline. Some marketing pros say you must convey your message before your reader has time to blink—giving you about three to five seconds.

To keep an audience engaged on your page, follow these best practices for web writing:

  • Use short, tight sentences (aim for two to three per paragraph)
  • Include easy-to-skim bullet points where possible
  • Use action words like grow, build and increase to keep readers’ attention

3. Emphasize the benefits

Potential customers want to know why they should care about your product or service. Make sure your content passes the “so what?” test. Get clear on the benefits, and you’ll clear the way for more connection. Are you saving people time? Making their jobs or lives easier? Helping them achieve better health?

4. Include a relevant and enticing offer

Your landing page content should motivate visitors to take action. Be sure to offer something valuable in exchange for their information, whether an e-book, case study, free webinar, video tutorial or something else.

Whatever you offer, make sure it addresses your visitors’ pain points and demonstrates your organization’s expertise and reputation as an industry leader.

5. Feature some testimonials

If someone is visiting your landing page, there’s a good chance that they already know something about your organization, such as the services you provide. However, they may not know what it’s like to engage with your organization.

That’s where written or video testimonials from satisfied patients, providers or vendors can help. Authentic testimonials can help build trust and confidence that interacting with your organization will be a positive experience. Make sure that whatever testimonials you use are relevant to the subject matter of your landing page and stand out in your page design.

6. Keep the form short and sweet

When visitors download a free white paper or watch an explainer video, they want a streamlined experience. Being asked to complete a form with 12 different fields can feel excessive (“Why do they need all this? I just want to watch the video.”) Keep your form simple and include a privacy message. Your audience wants to know that once they’ve entrusted their information to you, you won’t share it with other entities.

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More visitors read the headline than any other element on a landing page. Take care to ensure it quickly conveys the right information to keep your site visitor reading.

The shorter the better. Get as much information as you need to take the next step. Don’t ask for so much information you scare the prospect away.

Authentic testimonials can help build trust and confidence that interacting with your organization will be a positive experience.

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