Key takeaways in this post:

  • Health systems can support DEI holidays by celebrating with the community.
  • You can use guest speakers and workshops to educate employees about DEI.
  • You can support LGBTQ+ and Black-owned businesses.
  • You can use social media, blogs and newsletters to express support.

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Last updated: 6/29/23

June is a month of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). There are several DEI celebrations to observe. Among them are Juneteenth and Pride Month. As a health system, showing support for these holidays is vital for these reasons:

  • You can celebrate with your community and show them you care.
  • You can help employees see you’re dedicated to inclusion in the workplace.
  • You can show your commitment to health equity.

So, how can your hospital add to the conversation in an authentic way? Here are five tips on supporting DEI holidays. We hope these tips inspire you.

1. Host guest speakers and workshops

Hosting guest speakers helps educate employees. It also helps amplify LGBTQ+ and Black voices.

You can also host workshops that highlight DEI healthcare efforts.

The workshops could cover the following topics:

  • Hiring practices
  • Health equity
  • Inclusive communications

No matter the topic. You can adapt these initiatives to fit your needs.
You can also host them in person or online. This gives flexibility for your employees.

2. Organize a book club

Another way to support DEI holidays is by organizing a book club. This allows you to read and talk about books by diverse authors. It also gives insight into other views and experiences.

You can choose books that focus on the following topics:

  • LGBTQ+ or Black history
  • Diversity and inclusion in healthcare

Hosting these discussions creates a safe space. Employees can learn from each other. They can also share their thoughts.

3. Partner with local organizations

Working with local groups is a great way to support DEI holidays. You can partner with LGBTQ+ or Black-led groups.

This can lead to future partnerships.

4. Support LGBTQ+ and Black-owned businesses

Be consistent and mindful in your support.

Here are a few of the many opportunities to consider:

  • Reevaluate the next place you decide to buy from.
  • Host a celebration. Buy products from businesses owned by LGBTQ+ or Black people.
  • Donate to a charity that supports LGBTQ+ or Black people in your community.

5. Vocalize your support

It may seem simple. But voicing your support for Pride Month and Juneteenth is one of the best ways to honor their significance.

These platforms are perfect for recognition:

  • Social media posts
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters

This can encourage allyship among your employees and followers. It can also promote diversity and representation.

Wondering how to express your support? Explore these examples from six health systems.

Pride is about empowering LGBTQ+ members. It’s also about welcoming them into spaces people have excluded them from.

Several of our nation’s health systems recognized Pride Month in June.

Here are a few of our favorites that can help inspire your allyship as an organization.

1. OhioHealth

OhioHealth does a superb job of making its priorities as an organization known. Its PRIDE Business Resource Group is a great resource. It helps patients find competent care that might be hard to find elsewhere.

The health system also appreciates patients and employees. This fosters a welcoming environment.

In addition, OhioHealth offers a link to specific examples of their pride initiatives.

2. Memorial Healthcare System

As you celebrate Pride Month, it’s important to remember the struggles LGBTQ+ people still face. This is especially true in healthcare.

Memorial Healthcare reminds us of these injustices. It also states its commitment to end discrimination against LGBTQ+ patients.

3. Children’s Health

Children’s Health recognizes the value diversity brings. LGBTQ+ employees play a crucial role in making patients feel welcome and safe.

The health system strives to be a place where everyone belongs, regardless of identity.

Juneteenth, also called “Freedom Day,” commemorates the end of slavery in the United States.

Here are a few great examples of health systems celebrating Juneteenth.

1. Beth Israel Lahey Health

Example of Juneteenth post from Beth Israel Lahey Health.

Beth Israel Lahey Health (BILH) recognizes the importance of Juneteenth as a holiday. They also honor those who fought for their freedoms. BILH reminds us that the fight for equality continues.

2. UW Health

Example of Juneteenth post from UW Health.

When celebrating Juneteenth, community support is crucial. UW Health promoted its work with the Kujichagulia Madison Center for Self-Determination.

This is a memorable way to show the organization’s values beyond their healthcare practice. At the same time, it serves as a reminder of their constant efforts toward equity in their work.

3. University of Maryland Medical System

The University of Maryland Medical System shows diversity’s role in its mission. Learning from diverse histories allows them to improve. It also helps them strengthen the services they provide to patients.

The health systems’ post is a testament to the fact that diversity makes us stronger.

DEI holidays and initiatives are important year-round. Patients deserve care tailored to their physical and emotional needs. This is true no matter their identity.

It’s crucial to have an engaged team that strives toward diversity, equity and inclusion in their work. This will help maximize the healthcare experience. It will also help those discriminated against when seeking care.

Promoting these efforts online is a simple way for your organization to add to the conversation about DEI. Continue to seek input from diverse groups to make sure you uphold these same principles in your everyday work.

DEI is crucial to employees, patients and the community. It also requires focus on its effects on these audiences.

With that in mind, head to BILH’s DEI page on their website. By stating its DEI goals, BILH is transparent with their employees and patients. This shows its intention to be accountable.

Want more tips? Check out our post on inclusive writing best practices.

WG Content weaves its commitment to DEI into the content creation process. If you need more help with DEI communications, we’re here. Contact us.

    Health systems should support DEI holidays for several reasons:

    • To celebrate with the community.
    • To emphasize dedication to inclusion in the workplace.
    • To showcase commitment to health equity.

    TextHealth organizations can increase DEI initiatives by:

    • Conducting guest speaker sessions and workshops.
    • Supporting LGBTQ+ and Black-owned businesses.
    • Vocalizing support through various communication channels.

    DEI efforts are important year-round. They ensure patients get customized care, no matter their identity. They also improve the healthcare experience.

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